• Testimonials

  • I called Shawn on Monday the 8th in the evening and told him the washer was not working good... So tuesday morning he was there bright and early. Turns out the pump went bad so he had to order the part. He came by friday and with in a little less than an hour did a professional job with excellent service. Also his prices was below all his competition which made me very happy!!! To Shawn M. a guy who definitely deserves a shout out...!!!! Awsome customer service speedy repair!!!!

    Frank P. Igaravidez

  • Hey guys, You just did a refrigerator repair in Forsyth, IL. A Frigidaire. That thing is running like a top! The ice maker may have worked this good when it was new, but I can't remember if it did. Thanks for the quick service! BTW, I like the web site too.

    John Blair